The Torah Project

A prestigious and limited edition of 126 pieces, intended for the most important public and private collections as a recognizable symbol of intercultural dialogue.

All pieces are within this exclusive 372-page artwork are represented in a closed format of 50 x 30 cm.


The five books of the Torah were transcribed in Hebrew by a master calligrapher from Jerusalem, using a unique calligraphy, which was specifically designed for this edition. The initial for each chapter is printed in 1 of 6 colours, and on the top of the pages there are inlaid gold stamps of the Menorah.


The introductory texts were written by eminent personalities of arts and biblical studies. Each text has been translated into four languages (English, Spanish, Italian and German), and on the top of these pages there are inlaid gold stamps of the Dove of Peace.

The paper is made from pure cotton, and each sheet weighs 160g. The pages have been tinted with natural earth in order to maintain its high quality. This paper was specifically produced for this edition by Magnani House 1404, Italy.

The cover of each volume is hand-carved, and is made by joining together many pieces of the finest wood and nacre (pearl). The cover depicts the Holy city of Jerusalem.


The binding of the book is made of natural leather which is dyed and tanned with artisan techniques, and is painted with gold liquid leaf. 


Master Baruj Salinas created the original artworks for this edition, which were reproduced manually by Marcello and Alberto Tiboni, using antique lithographic presses, more than 15 serigraph screens, and other specialized materials.


Each volume contains the signatures of the artist and the editor included in the colophon, certifying their authenticity.

This edition also includes, outside the text, a blessing from the Holy Father, Pope Francis, dated September 18th 2016. It reads:


“I want to bless all those who have worked in the production of this Torah, which is the word of G-d, that must unite us in love forever.”

Price under request

Only a limited number of copies are on sale for private collectors, while the others will be distributed to museums and international organizations. Please, Contact us to receive specific conditions of acquisition.