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The Project

The objective of the project is to share the message contained in these texts with the general public.


It starts with the critical edition and reproduction of the “Habakkuk Commentary” (or Persher Habakkuk), to continue with:

“Temple Scroll”

“The Community Rule (Serekh ha-Yahad)”

“The War Rule”

“The Genesis Apocryphon”

“The Thanksgiving Scroll”

“Great Isaiah Scroll”

Collector´s Edition: A limited and numbered edition of the highest quality. Handcrafted using authentic parchment authorised by The Israel Museum, and presented in a beautiful chest.


Luxury edition: An elegant and refined hand-decorated hardback edition with parchment pages insertions, printed on high quality paper and includes high definition photographs. Presented in a case.


General public edition: A high quality edition designed for the general public.


All editions are certified by The Israel Museum and ACC Arte Scritta.

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