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Adolfo Roitman was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1957. His expertise is in ancient Jewish literature, the history and meaning of the Dead Sea Scrolls and their biblical interpretations.

A participant in prestigious international congresses and symposiums, Adolfo has also been a visiting professor in numerous academic institutions around the world. He is also the author of countless articles published in professional magazines, as well as academic and popular non-fiction books.

Among its numerous titles and awards achieved over the years, it is worth highlighting:

- Degree Cum Laude in anthropology, he also holds the title of history professor by the University of Buenos Aires, 1980.

- Cum Laude Masters in Comparative Religions, 1985.

- A qualified Rabbi by the Latin American Rabbinical Seminar (Seminario Rabínico Latinoamericano) “Marshal T. Meyer”, Buenos Aires 1986.

- Doctor in Ancient Jewish Literature and Thinking, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem 1993.

- Honorary Doctorate by the Rocky Mountains College, USA, 2005.

- Gold Medal from the Humanities Faculty of the University of Anáhuac, Mexico, 2014.

- Honorary Doctorate by the Catholic University of Cuyo (Universidad Católica de Cuyo), San Juan, Argentina, 2017.


Since 1994, Dr Roitman is the curator of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Director of the Book Sanctuary in The Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

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