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About  Acc Arte Scritta

ACC (Art & Culture Company) Arte Scritta, is an international organization of art and culture based in Spain, and founded in 2013, who carry out commissioned cultural projects, considering the relevance of texts and artisanal production techniques.

At a time when the cultural debate about the detriment of books in favour of e-Books is on, ACC Arte Scritta's entrepreneurial bet is that the physical book cannot and must not disappear. It is not, in fact, a mere object of "consuming" but of "preserving" as a witness of values, time and motor of social evolution, as well as of culture.


We believe that cultural diffusion is a fundamental and indispensable instrument at the service of the formation of the human conscience and soul. Present and future.

This is how artistic and editorial projects are born that involve the most relevant personalities of culture and art, together with the best artisans in the world, in a dialogue. 

Projects that require a careful selection of materials that keep their beauty and message intact over time. Essential condition to obtain immortal artworks.

Masterpieces that are preserved in the most prestigious institutions around the world.

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